Live Tracking

Live Tracking

KTN offers a live bus tracking service to students, parents, and schools to allow for tracking of school bus locations. This service is currently in a trial stage and your feedback is welcome. Please contact EasyBus to share your comments.

How it works


Wherever you see a satellite icon like the one shown here, click or tap on the icon to reveal a menu of maps.


Locate your route number and click or tap on it.


You will now see a blue line showing the bus route, and a bus icon that shows the vehicle location. The location will update about every 30 seconds. The green bar next to the bus icon shows us that the vehicle is in motion.


If the vehicle is not showing on the route this most likely means that the regular vehicle is off the road being serviced. In the picture here, the red bar next to the bus shows that it is not moving, and the vehicle is located at the depot in Tetley Road.

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If the regular vehicle is off the road for the day, your school bus’ location can still be found by checking the spare vehicles. There may also be a news item on the home page with more information.

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