Updated route maps and times

Better route mapping
Our school buses are now fitted with GPS trackers which has allowed for some improvements in the way manage our school bus system.

Our route timetables are now more accurate and each route map has been updated with the expected arrival times. Parents and students should note that these times are only estimates – on any given day, buses can arrive earlier or later due to traffic, weather conditions and unexpected increases or decreases in the number of students.

We are keen to make this route information even more useful so please send any feedback or suggestions to Greig at EasyBus.

Live vehicle tracking
We are working on making bus positions available via our website. This will allow parents and students to view the vehicle position at any time and make decisions about when to go out and meet it. This will be especially in answering that good old question: “we’re late, did we miss the bus??”

The first version of this is live and operational: during the times the vehicle is on a school run there will be a marker showing on the route map. There are a number of visual improvements that we need to make to the system such as fixing the way the marker icon looks and removing the information panel, so look out for Version 2 in the next wee while.