Our new bus routes have been developed and on Thursday 31 January our drivers will be doing familiarisation training across all of the routes and looking for glitches in our plan. Please check the EasyBus website to find the times for your route.

Some parents have asked about turning points. We have decided to go with the 2018 turning points in the beginning so as to avoid confusion and reduce the risk of mistakes. One of our jobs for 2019 is the develop a set of route design rules that will guide us in future decision-making about where the buses go.

All buses will commence on Friday 1 February for our College students. The drivers have been instructed to start the routes a few minutes later given that fewer pickups should see them running ahead of time. It’s important that you refer to the Easybus website to get an idea of when the bus will be passing your house/road and be waiting at that time. A reminder: we ask that all parents wait with their children to see them safely onto the bus.

We ask for your patience as we trial our new routes and make improvements. Your suggestions and comments are welcome, please click here for contact information.

route alerts

With the move to Covid-19 alert level 2 all school buses will be operational on Monday 18th May. Buses will operate at their normal times. In line with Government advice, students who are unwell … Read more about ALL ROUTES BACK TO NORMAL

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