New route designs are proceeding well…

Thank you to all of the families that provided feedback following the first day of operation last Friday.

As expected there were a few teething problems, which is par for the course when making big changes over the summer break. Despite the glitches, we are confident that we are on the right track with the route changes and have a good base from which to make improvements.

Apologies to those families left stranded by a bus running too early. A mixup in communication resulted in two drivers having the wrong start time.

The biggest change to our network from 2018 is the number of students. In 2018 we transported around 420 students each day, with some buses doing multiple journeys. At the time of writing this update, there are 610 registrations. This increase will present a few challenges in the short-term and it may take several weeks to get the routes working as well as they can.

Many parents have asked about designated bus stops. This process will kick off once the route designs are completed. We will confirm our bus lists and begin a process of identifying which students are boarding and where. From there we will carry out a safety assessment of each stop and develop guidelines for parents and students where required.

The Network does understand that the bus routes will not suit everyone in the district. We have implemented a couple of route design principles such as trying to collect students at their letterboxes and reducing the number of right-hand turns from SH2. That said, anyone is welcome to offer feedback on the way in which the routes are designed by getting in touch with us here at EasyBus.

All routes have had their times reviewed and updated timetables now appear on the EasyBus website. These will be further refined as more and more students use the service, and a major review will happen after the primary students start travelling from 7 February.