Changes to routes: 23 March AM

Due to the ever-changing situation involving COVID-19 we are expecting continued disruptions and changes to school bus services in the short-term. Parents are advised to check the Network’s website at least once per day to stay up to date. Parents can also subscribe to receive updates via email at

Changes for the morning services on 23 March
The first changes will take effect on the morning of Monday 23 March. The changes are as follows:
1. The N3 bus will commence at 8.25am, rather than 7.30am. Parents should add 50 minutes to the times listed on the EasyBus website 
2. The N4 bus will commence at 8.15am, rather than 7.30am. Parents should add 45 minutes to the times listed
3. The S3 bus will commence at 8.30am, rather than 7.45am. Parents should add 45 minutes to the times listed.

Please be early
We are expecting that many parents will decide to drive their children to school rather than wait for the delayed bus services. This is likely to result in all buses running earlier than normal, so all students should be waiting at the roadside at least ten minutes before the bus is due to arrive.

Please keep checking the website
We will be using all tools at our disposal to communicate changes to parents, but we need all parents to know that changes may happen with very little notice. This may include the cancellation of some bus services. We encourage you to refer to the EasyBus website each morning, during the day and each night for updates.